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The state council: leisure tourism and rural tourism development

Date: 2014-09-28

Promulgated by the state council several opinions to promote reform and development of tourism industry, tourism development put forward developing space, the positive development of leisure tourism, vigorously develop the rural tourism.
Opinions, points out that in urban and rural planning to overall consideration national leisure demand. To strengthen the construction of infrastructure, improve the service function, optimize the layout, build residents leisure space. Actively promote the sports tourism, strengthen the competition performance, fitness leisure and tourism integration development, support and guide the conditional sports place for tourists to carry out the sports tourism services. Plastic surgery, physicians and other medical resources and the medical tourism services at home and abroad. Giving full play to the advantages of TCM, forming a batch of traditional Chinese medicine health tourism service products. Standard service process and service standards, the development characteristics of medical treatment, recovering, hairdressing health care medical tourism, etc. Conditional cities to speed up the construction of slow the greenway. Establish living full trailer camps and campsite construction standards, perfect living full trailer on the road to traffic policies and measures, has introduced the market appeal of railway tourism products. Actively developing forest tourism, Marine tourism. Continue to support cruise yacht, funicular, amusement facilities, such as tourism equipment manufacturing localization, positive development, low-flying cruise yacht tourism travel.
Rural tourism, put forward opinions, relying on the local geographical condition, resource characteristic and market demand, excavation culture connotation, advantage of ecology, highlight the rural characteristics and develop a batch of various forms, distinctive rural tourism products. Promote rural tourism and the new organic combination of urbanization, rational utilization of ethnic village, old village, old town, development of historical memory, local characteristics and national characteristics of tourist town, the construction of a number of characteristics of landscape tourist town village. Strengthening planning guidance, improve the organizational level, standardize the rural tourism development and construction, keep the traditional rural culture. Precision to strengthen rural tourism poverty alleviation, promoting rural tourism rich project, from poverty and becoming rich. As a whole to use the corresponding funds to strengthen health, environmental protection, construction of infrastructure such as roads, improve the rural tourism service system. Strengthen rural tourism personnel training, and encourage tourism professional graduates, professional volunteers, art, science and technology workers residency support will provide intellectual support for the development of rural tourism.