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Grand launch of tourism real estate in Shanghai, in this autumn fair

Date: 2014-08-20

Exhibitions will be "2014" holiday market, Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as the "holiday property") will be on October 3 to 6, 2014 held in Shanghai exhibition center. This exhibition will be more large-scale rendering, including green space group, poly real estate group, real estate, openning, peng hin home buyers, hutchison whampoa, lang poem, baohua enterprise group, zhongxing group, Shanghai real estate group, Shanghai construction, baolong real estate, harry made on jia ying lian real estate industry, Shanghai, constant, real estate, real estate, mingjie home buyers and developers have scheduled 11 holidays in the housing market.
Exhibition held in China tourism real estate fairs, exhibitions will live in addition to the tourism real estate enterprise to provide all kinds of tourism real estate building dish display, also started hs travel boutique real estate project, hainan province, yunnan province hs, daishan hs, kunshan jinxi town, suzhou taihu lake tourist resort, and other cities and regions also appeared in the form of "city pavilion" exhibition, carrying with local characteristics and advantages of the project, according to the concept of "city combined with real estate" the concentrated display and promotion.
Tourism real estate into a hot spot Holiday would be "family life just need to"
Foreign experience shows that: when the per capita GDP reached $2000, after a holiday will be a family "just for goods" of life. By the end of 2013, China's per capita GDP of $6000, entered the stage of middle income level, leisure tourism has become a white-collar crowd of rigid demand. At present, the tourism has break through 3 billion person-time, travel 2.3 times per person per year on average, compared with the United States in recent years, the data, there are a certain gap. The next 5 to 10 years, our country tourism revenues are expected to grow by more than 15%. Particularly notable is that China's tourism is transition from pure sightseeing to leisure vacation. People are not satisfied with the scenery tour consumption, and hope to have a suitable accommodation, stop to enjoy the life. In fact, far-sighted developers, including agile fuli, wanda, world trade, evergrande, strong enterprise, has the first into the tourism real estate market. The holiday the tourism real estate expo held in the housing market, is should to be born.
The exhibitions will be at the scene of the Shanghai exhibition center to do promotion and will last until October 6, will not only show the majority of holiday and investors around the unique natural environment of tourism real estate project, convenient location, traffic conditions, rich and colorful tourism resort projects and improve the supporting facilities, the basis of more will fully explain the tourism real estate around the innate superiority, provide investors with more clear guidance that buy a house. During the activity, in addition to the developers to provide all kinds of preferential policies, Shanghai exhibitions will also provide more preferential policies to benefit the masses of buyers, will explode completely this summer tourism real estate in Shanghai real estate.
In recent years, Mr Kim, the south YanWan (hainan), the Mekong river (yunnan), green bay (shandong) 9, vanda freeport bay (Qingdao), Thai hercynian center (xiamen), crescent/imperial lake days reputation (huzhou), vanke Mixtown (kunshan), constant sea Venice (qidong), jiangnan villa (suzhou), the rational to the earth (jiaxing), h and heights (tai), YunLan bay hot spring international boutique travel around (jiaxing), and other real estate projects exhibition, is different from the traditional residential projects, construction of tourism real estate is mostly depends on the surrounding rich tourism resources, and combines tourism, leisure, vacation, to live as one. Due to implements the "seamless grafting" tourism and real estate industry, the tourism real estate market is significantly higher than the heat of the overall level of the housing market. , according to data from the authorities in recent years the rapid development of tourism real estate in our country present situation, there are currently more than 200 companies in this field, including citic, the first domestic large enterprises. In Beijing, Shanghai, dalian, Qingdao, sanya relatively rich tourism resources of the area and so on, in order to "springs, mountains, skiing, golf, etc. As the main element of the real estate project emerge in endlessly.
It is reported that 2014 holiday property market to China's tourism real estate expo, new building is expected to attract more than hundreds of well-known real estate developers, focusing on high quality tourism real estate and high-end property project, mainly for investment, the demand such as displacement, leisure, vacation, home buyers that buy a house.
Buying real estate hot open lecture Presence of register admission is free
"Holiday market, Shanghai exhibitions will be" buying real estate seminar activities during this period, the lecture activity for three days, the book search, search fox focal point, building network support industries such as media, invited well-known experts and professionals, field analysis of the latest development of the housing market, the interpretation of the housing policy environment, to select the purchase consideration of factors such as professional guidance for the audience. Tourism endowment real estate seminar organised by the real estate network, will discuss a new concept of tourism real estate analysis 2014 tourism real estate investment trends. More wonderful home buyers the lecture topics, see the BBS and activity schedule.