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A ban on smoking in Shanghai Hotels such as illegal or face fines of $ten thousand

Date: 2017-03-10

Shanghai since March 1, full implementation of new rules on "" Shanghai is the most strict controls of smoke, the smoking policy, Shanghai indoor public places, banning smoking in indoor workplaces and public transport.So the hotel should be a ban on smoking?

Specified in the policy, belongs to the public service places of the hotel, the hotel will also implement a ban on smoking in indoor.

But the hotel guest room belong to private space?Guest room smoking in the how to do?

The manager said

A manager: look at how to read the policy, no smoking area hotel restaurant, that is to say after the hotel and the hotel are non-smoking section, so A smoke-free room will put the ashtray?Put the ashtray is belong to encourage smoking behavior?Improper management operators will be fined, so the ash tray of smokeless room should be removed.

Manager B: guest room ashtray should withdraw, if there is no ashtray, guest room guest call the front desk for ashtray, front desk made a reasonable explanation, as to whether the guest smoking in the room, we can not do the tube.

C manager: can send ashtrays for the guest, but guest room is equipped with ashtrays, including hall for trash can also with the ashtray full withdrawal.

Whole, several hotel manager in the guest room anti-smoking measures is to withdraw the room inside the ashtray, the guests want to smoke in the room, but the final result can't control, but at least the managers discourage duty has been done in this aspect.

Part of the hotel to do so

Star of the jinjiang hotel in Shanghai, will no longer have a smoking in the public areas, no smoking floors, divided into the ashtray provided in the original room will be evacuated, will be strictly enforced a ban on smoking in all indoor areas.

Since March 1, Shanghai pudong ramada hotel indoor smoking ban, contains the guest room, restaurant, lounge, banquet hall, etc. All areas.For guests need to smoke, smoke can travel to the designated smoking area outside the hotel.

Jianguo hotel Shanghai according to the relevant provisions of the state, implement a total ban, now the hotel and in the respectively set up outside the hotel guests smoking and smoking.

Specified in the regulations on the control of smoking in public places in Shanghai:

Hotel obligations

Discourage smoking discourage smoking (1) to carry out the people or organizations of volunteers;

(2) make smoking propaganda education work;

Smoking is forbidden in (3) in the eye-catching place of the unified identity and supervision telephone;

(4) is not set up any instruments of associated with smoking;

(5) to dissuade smokers;

6. To not be persuaded to leave of smokers, smoking is forbidden in places to supervisory departments.

A fine

Ban on smoking areas place unit fails to fulfill its obligations of rules, can be in 2000-10000 yuan fine, if the circumstances are serious, can be in 10000-30000 yuan in fines.